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Check out the latest news relating to Southern Africa travel. Let us know if there is something exciting we should know about at news@enabled-travel.com 

10 March 2009
Some Thoughts on South Africa’s Capacity for Inclusive Tourism
Scott advises internationally on inclusive tourism and universal design. After his month long trip to South Africa, he was interviewed by the SABC. This is what he had to say......[more]

'Lights out' for Cape Town
Cape Town was one of 74 cities worldwide that switched off its lights for one hour on the 28th of March to draw attention to climate change...[more]

Elephants in reception
A regular occurrence at the Mfuwe Lodge in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia where the lodge was unwittingly built on the...[more]

09 December 2008
Malaria vaccine halves infections

An experimental malaria vaccine was able to reduce the rate of infection and disease in children by 53 to 65% in two clinical trials...[more]

02 June 2008
Tourism Council alerts industry to millions of potential travellers not catered for
“Our research indicates that South Africa has well over ten million persons that live with limited functionality (disabled) people, almost...[more]





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EOL is leading the way in removing barriers to travel in Southern Africa. We offer a one stop solution to any business in the travel and hospitality industry who is considering an inclusive solution.

Below is a summary of the services we offer:

For a selection of tried and tested and drop dead gorgeous travel solutions and safaris have a look at our travel packages and tours ...[more]

Access Audits

Universal Design
Unnecessary barriers should be the starting point when thinking about access....[more]


Poorly trained staff can represent a serious barrier for disabled people if they are unable to provide services in an appropriate, non-discriminatory way...[more]

Access Audits

Access Audits
An Access Audit is a detailed analysis of the existing access of any building, site, establishment, facility, including buildings...[more]

Access Solutions
The three types of access solutions are interlinked. Management solutions are usually the least costly and least...[more]

Access Consulting
Typically this would follow on from an Access Audit. Here we address any problems highlighted by the audit and recommend...[more]

Specialised Equipment
We can assist clients in sourcing or even installing specialised equipment. We work closely with a variety of different manufacturers both home and abroad, to ensure that ...[more]